[Wed Apr 04 03:02:10 2012] : ** (5) Rayne Kitty rolls over int the embrace of shivani's wings and purrrs contently with a nod. Her ears flatten and she gives a small 'aww, but kitty is such a cuuuute name!' she giggles before nodding and listening tot he rest of your words. She rests her head on your shoulder and wraps her tail around her waist. She nods in agreement and grins "Hee!~ We'll you'rrre in luck because I like to do things too!~ I've been trrraveling alone for a while now, but maybe..." she giggles and taps her fingers together shyly with a small blush "you'd like to trrravel together sometime? I like to travel all over, its how I find inspiration. And I know you said you like to go places with good company too!~" she says, blushing heavily at her suggestion before peeking up at yan, her eyes going wide before she screaches and dashes off behind the nearest solid object. **
[Wed Apr 04 03:03:52 2012] : ** (11) Shivani gets up groggily "who-wha huh?" **
[Wed Apr 04 03:05:30 2012] : (27) YanWoo: "So cute!" would squeal in delight as she clasped her hands to the sides of her face and tilted the head to match the hand angle, a sign of affection? Or more like a CAT-tastrophe waiting to happen as she chased the catgirl around the solid object, a chimney stack, "Here kitty kitty kitty~" would say in a sing songy voice. Not realizing that she has caused the off-kitten attitude, as she floated closer and closer, "Come heeeereee!" would whine out. The wispy trails of ectoplasm from her hair and where her feet would be, giving a chilling effect to her surroundings as she did so.
[Wed Apr 04 03:06:54 2012] : ** (11) Shivani sees what's happening and comes to the wrong conclusion, given her fortune from earlier, and swiftly draws her bow and knocks an arrow in one swift movement **
[Wed Apr 04 03:07:04 2012] : (11) Shivani: Back away!
[Wed Apr 04 03:08:09 2012] : ** (27) YanWoo would raise her hands above her head at the yell, and stop mid air-step, "I surrender!" **
[Wed Apr 04 03:10:01 2012] : (11) Shivani: ""She is under my protection... state your name and intentions..." she says in a somewhat quivering, but nonetheless authorative voice
[Wed Apr 04 03:10:10 2012] : ** (5) Rayne Kitty was busy running for her life, her arms outstretched behind herself, her tail frizzed and stiff as a board. She hides behind a chimney, panting heavily before peaking out from behind it at the two, her eyes dialted and her fur on end. **
[Wed Apr 04 03:12:29 2012] : (27) YanWoo: "Um, Name's YanWoo," she'd say in a friendly tone, or least try too, of course the spiritly echo of a spirited ghost may come off a little odd no matter how hard she tried, "And love the wings, and the authoritative voice there... Just not the pointy arrow... Kind of have a thing against dying again, if you catch my drift."
[Wed Apr 04 03:12:53 2012] : (27) YanWoo: "What's your name though?" would ask, hands still raised.
[Wed Apr 04 03:13:39 2012] : (11) Shivani: "Then you will not approach the lady again without her permission... understood?" she says, lowering her bow after a brief moment for emphasis
[Wed Apr 04 03:14:14 2012] : (11) Shivani: "I am Shivani, though you have still not stated your intentions..."
[Wed Apr 04 03:16:23 2012] : (27) YanWoo: "Well, I kinda wanted to hug the cat girl," would say as she lowered her hands, then stuck one out to Shivani, "But keep forgetting I'm a ghost! Hahahaha," would laugh nervously, "Anyway, put 'er there Shivani, pleasure to meet such a protective and passionate pursuer of purrfect and pretty catgirls as yourself."
[Wed Apr 04 03:16:52 2012] : ** (5) Rayne Kitty 's large round feline eyes glimmer reflectively in the evening light as she watches the two, her tail still fluffed and arced behind herself. Her heart was racing. Today was the first time in her life that she had seen so many new creatures. She had read about a lot of them or seen pictures of others, but never before had she seent hem with her own eyes, and even now she was in the company of a raptoran, the first she's ever met... and a ghost D: something that is definitely on her dislike list, right after zombies, unless of course yan can change the kitty's opinion* :3 **
[Wed Apr 04 03:18:48 2012] : (11) Shivani: "It has nothing to do with her race... she is my plaisant"(last word is in tuilvilannue)
[Wed Apr 04 03:20:04 2012] : ** (27) YanWoo frowns a little, not understanding what the word meant, then said, "Hey, you mind if we link our minds? I don't really understand what the last word meant.. unless you mean she's a peasant... Then you must be some sort of lady or baroness then?" **
[Wed Apr 04 03:21:25 2012] : (11) Shivani: "There's no real translation, but you must be daft if you think I'm going to let a complete stranger into my head"
[Wed Apr 04 03:22:50 2012] : (11) Shivani: "and no, I did not mean peasant"
[Wed Apr 04 03:23:03 2012] : (27) YanWoo: "Awww, but its so much faster than just chatting, plus, you can see my thoughts then, and, while a little disturbing at times, seeing other's people's thoughts is sweeettt, like a work of art of the mind," would sigh wistfully, obviously wanting to see people's mind thoughts more.
[Wed Apr 04 03:25:24 2012] : ** (11) Shivani shakes her head "Liuthanuwe pirravat basionte ilawe narwalliue... The mind is the only true bastion of privacy" **
[Wed Apr 04 03:26:37 2012] : ** (5) Rayne Kitty stays behind the chimney for about 5 minutes, giving herself a chance to calm down. By the time she does finally step out she takes a moment to pat down her fur before her entire body shivers violently once from teh heeby-jeebies. She gives a small timid wave "...hi~" **
[Wed Apr 04 03:26:44 2012] : (27) YanWoo: "Well, its like talking if it helps, not like you can accidentally speak your most embarassing moment unless you talk about it, you sure you don't wanna... yanno... link up?" would say as she tried to make Shivani part of her worldthought network... (you can accept it or not)
[Wed Apr 04 03:27:34 2012] : (27) YanWoo: "Heya there pretty kitty," would wave back, equally as big to her small, as she said excitedly, "Name's YanWoo here... what's yours?"
[Wed Apr 04 03:29:53 2012] : ** (5) Rayne Kitty keeps herself looking at yanwoo, her tail occasionally flicking back and forth behind herself. Her ears flatten and she gives a low mewl before speaking again. "....rayne." she finally says, still clearly apprehensive about the idea of talking to a GHOST. Its not like the kitty was a dragon or something, and use to the paranormal, in fact, the only reason she even had a gun was to protect herself while traveling alone, and even that was back in her horse's saddle-holster. **
[Wed Apr 04 03:30:41 2012] : ** (11) Shivani shakes her head "I'll pass" **
[Wed Apr 04 03:30:58 2012] : (27) YanWoo: "Well Rayne," couldn't resist pranking, "I aaammmm your deeeaad daauuughhhteerrr~" would say in her best ghostly voice... Of course, the fact she was human, and didn't have cat features might give this joke away, but she had to try as a trickster type.
[Wed Apr 04 03:31:43 2012] : ** (11) Shivani walks over to Rayne, draping her wing over the cat's shoulder comfortingly **
[Wed Apr 04 03:33:10 2012] : ** (11) Shivani looks at YanWoo, scowling "That is NOT funny... Now, you owe this girl 2 apologies, Yan..." **
[Wed Apr 04 03:34:52 2012] : ** (27) YanWoo spreads her hands apologetically, "Sorry about that Rayne.. Something about that joke really makes me laugh inside, one of the few ghostly gags I can run I figure.. Truth is, no one believes it, but everyone deadpans it," and then curtsies, "My sincerest apologies." **
[Wed Apr 04 03:36:46 2012] : ** (5) Rayne Kitty perks up at yan and her ears start to flatten in worry until yan finishes talking. her ears then just swivel to the sides in annoyance "wat.... really?" she asks, her ears perking back up as she arcs a brow at yan, the lame-duck joke clearly ruining the illusion for her as she realizes the ghost wasn't scary.. and could even be lame-silly like a normal person. her tail really begins to flick and wag however as shivani walks over to her and wraps a wing around her. She giggles and purrrrs, -loving- the warmth and softness of the downy feather wings. "its ok... i forrrgive you~" she purrrs, her spirit obviously lifted by the warm feathers and affectioante embrace. :3 **
[Wed Apr 04 03:39:24 2012] : (27) YanWoo: "Whew, glad to hear," would wipe her brow... to no effect, as ghosts didn't sweat... Still, the trail of wispy ectoplasm as well as flicking of it, did seem like sweat at the time. "Sooo... not to sound too weird, but what are two girls, um, doing on the roof and hugging each other a lot.. and purring a lot..... doing on a roof together of an inn?"
[Wed Apr 04 03:41:10 2012] : ** (11) Shivani looks a little confused, as such intimacies are fairly common in flock cultures, and not necessarily indicitave of anything more **
[Wed Apr 04 03:42:37 2012] : ** (5) Rayne Kitty blushes and flattens her ears, their insides hueing a light pink. She crosses her arms and looks away. "well if you could feel I'm sure you'd enjoy curling up in the warm, protective embrace of the softest, lovliest pair of wings in the world too!~" she stammers **
[Wed Apr 04 03:44:12 2012] : ** (11) Shivani has her turn at blushing as she looks down at Rayne, somewhat stunned **
[Wed Apr 04 03:45:01 2012] : (27) YanWoo: "Oooh, really?" would say intrigued, "Um, would you mind hugging a puppy then Shivani? or maybe..." would look around for a suitable vessel.
[Wed Apr 04 03:45:49 2012] : (27) YanWoo: "I got it!" would drag a very large, and very filthy looking rat she just spotted with her telekinesis, then possess the poor thing... she squeaked out, "Hug me!"
[Wed Apr 04 03:45:51 2012] : ** (29) Nightmare. appears to be walking by the tarven about this time her single glowing eye trailing a soft line of light behind her. **
[Wed Apr 04 03:47:47 2012] : ** (11) Shivani shakes her head **
[Wed Apr 04 03:49:19 2012] : ** (5) Rayne Kitty giggles lightly to herself and sticks her tongue out at yan before wrapping her arms around shivani's waist and nuzzlng her face into shiv's side and feathery wings while purrrring. "I just cant rrrresist warm soft comfy places to curl up and snuggle in <3~" she murmurs, closing her eyes x3 **
[Wed Apr 04 03:49:26 2012] : ** (27) YanWoo walks closer, on the backlegs, obviously, not used to either walking or crawling as she spread her tiny, dirty clawed fore legs, and said, "Pleeeaase?" **
[Wed Apr 04 03:49:49 2012] : ** (5) Rayne Kitty looks down at yan "but you need a bath!" **
[Wed Apr 04 03:51:42 2012] : ** (11) Shivani sighs "perhaps, and this is a large leap.. PERHAPS if you were to find a more suitable host... I would consider such... but you cannot possibly believe that that beast is comparable to Rayne in any way shape or form" **
[Wed Apr 04 03:53:17 2012] : (27) YanWoo: "True.. guess I can't squeak by in this form," and would come out of the rat, which promptly not used to standing on its hind legs, would tumble off the roof... and land safely on top of Nightmare? (if allowed)
[Wed Apr 04 03:53:46 2012] : ** (11) Shivani laughs a little at that last pun **
[Wed Apr 04 03:54:29 2012] : ** (29) Nightmare. seems completely unaware of the rat landing on her should as she keeps walking on. **
[Wed Apr 04 03:54:53 2012] : (27) YanWoo: "Hey, how about her?" would point down to Nightmare, seeing the foxy lady, "She's one foxy lady right?... Wait, HEY NIGHTMARE, UP HERE!" would yell down as she recognized her.
[Wed Apr 04 03:55:36 2012] : (27) YanWoo: "And sort of an oxymoron to her name, she should probably be called Fluffy or something, but I don't think that strikes terror into villains she fights."
[Wed Apr 04 03:56:16 2012] : ** (29) Nightmare. blinks a little as she turns the rat getting flung off of her shoulder as she seemed to have never noticed it. "Oh good evening Woo!" she waves back. "Get fixed yet?" **
[Wed Apr 04 03:56:18 2012] : ** (11) Shivani looks to Rayne "I do believe the moment is lost... shall we go inside?" **
[Wed Apr 04 03:56:52 2012] : (27) YanWoo: "If you mean if I got spade or neutered... I think that only applies to your race Nightmare," would tease back.
[Wed Apr 04 03:57:17 2012] : (27) YanWoo: "And maybe Rayne, no offense," would smile back to the catgirl, and wink.
[Wed Apr 04 03:57:22 2012] : ** (5) Rayne Kitty chrrrs to herself and purrrs happily at the praise from shivani. She contents herself to curl up in shivani's embrace and bask in the glorious warmth and softness of her downy-plummage. She was having a hard time staying away from their warm softness. x3 She keeps her face burried into shivani's wings, her ears flattened as she nods, not caring what happened as long as she got to stay nestled up in their intoxicating comfort. **
[Wed Apr 04 03:57:52 2012] : ** (29) Nightmare. blinks slightly again. "Spade? No...I can't say I have been hit by a shovel. "She seems to have completely missed the true meaning of it. **
[Wed Apr 04 03:58:35 2012] : ** (11) Shivani goes inside and downstairs, obligingly keeping Rayne wrapped **
[Wed Apr 04 03:59:37 2012] : ** (27) YanWoo floats down to Nightmare's level, "So what brings you around these parts... is it some sort of furry convention?" **
[Wed Apr 04 03:59:42 2012] : ** (5) Rayne Kitty giggle snerks at the lame joke as she walks, letting shivani lead her wherever shivani's heart desired. x3 she had a feeling Yan would catch up. :3 and that Nightmare would show up too :P **
[Wed Apr 04 03:59:58 2012] : (27) YanWoo: "I just saw a catgirl, and a winged one, and now you... coincidence? I think not."
[Wed Apr 04 04:00:35 2012] : (29) Nightmare.: "Oh I have set routes I take every evening.Nothing too special just on the look out for the walking brain dead..." She smiles softly, as her fox tail flicks behind her.
[Wed Apr 04 04:02:00 2012] : (27) YanWoo: "Sooo, not to sound weird, but I really want to experience the best hug in the world, but, yanno, living impaired," would say, pointing to herself, "Don't suppose you'd let me ride inside your body to get that best hug?"
[Wed Apr 04 04:03:29 2012] : (29) Nightmare.: "Ahh...I'm not for sure if that's a good idea..." She rubs the back of her head slightly.
[Wed Apr 04 04:05:59 2012] : (27) YanWoo: "Well, think of it as a way to convince me to want to come back to life someday... I mean, I get to fly, have superstrength, and enjoy the fun of ghosting around everywhere... But what about the hug I can never experience? What else could I possibly be missing if someone like yourself doesn't help me... live?" would say this in a more and more dramatic fashion, though was totally bluffing.
[Wed Apr 04 04:06:51 2012] : (11) Shivani: "So... did you mean what you said up there?"
[Wed Apr 04 04:07:33 2012] : (29) Nightmare.: "Well not..it's not that it's more that you are semi-negative enegry and I'm full of poseative enegry and some things just get hurt by touching me." She trys to explain the best she can.
[Wed Apr 04 04:08:58 2012] : ** (5) Rayne Kitty curls up with shivani and nods, purring like a kitten. "I have never felt anything this warm, soft, and comfy before in my entire life~" she murmurs... "but then again I've never been bird-wing hugged" she giggles. **
[Wed Apr 04 04:09:05 2012] : (27) YanWoo: "Hey, considering how upbeat and peppy I am, I'm pretty sure I'm filled with positive energy too," would say... now who was playing dumb.. or least not understanding the intricacies of the various planar effects.
[Wed Apr 04 04:10:15 2012] : (29) Nightmare.: "Well...I guess you can try.." She blinks a little. "I think I will have to drop my portection however...oh and don't do anything bad ok? It would look bad.."
[Wed Apr 04 04:12:28 2012] : ** (27) YanWoo would indeed try... and for rp reasons, succeeds? And then take a deep breath through Nightmare's nose and sneeze, "Ewww, the air tickles," then realizing another tickling sensation, would hug her tail, "Oooh, soooftt!" Yes folks, despite what Nightmare may have thought, Yan's possession currently was using her body to feel softness... a most horrible and dastardly ghost trick if there ever was one. **
[Wed Apr 04 04:13:38 2012] : ** (29) Nightmare. is filled with holy enegry and saintness! **
[Wed Apr 04 04:14:57 2012] : ** (27) YanWoo hops a little as Nightmare's body... sadly, she might've thought she could fly, but the walking part was obviously new to her as she slowly, lumbered into the inn, looking for the hugging pair. **
[Wed Apr 04 04:15:27 2012] : (27) YanWoo: "So maybe you should control the body? I can't seem to get the hang of this easily."
[Wed Apr 04 04:16:49 2012] : (27) YanWoo: "Right, no talking," would slowly walk, and get better at it as she got closer to the pair, maybe almost looking normal at this point doing so.
[Wed Apr 04 04:18:19 2012] : (27) YanWoo: "Hi there you two, heard you may or may not give the best hugs to a furry person as myself whilst being controlled by a ghost you may or may not have recently met but does desire the best hug in the world!" and then would spread her arms out for a hug... they sprung up like a maniacal toy, rather than a smooth motion of a fleshy person would, "Hug me?"
[Wed Apr 04 04:19:56 2012] : ** (11) Shivani looks over to Rayne "Should I?" she asks nervously **
[Wed Apr 04 04:20:47 2012] : ** (5) Rayne Kitty flattens her ears and shrinks away from the weird woman. She laughs nervously and looks up at shivani "aaahh~ thats all you~" she laughs "aaaahhh hahahahaha~ woooow this is akward~" she whispers under her breath, her tail curling between her legs. xD **
[Wed Apr 04 04:21:17 2012] : (11) Shivani: "Promise you won't try getting into my head?"
[Wed Apr 04 04:21:44 2012] : (27) YanWoo: "Unless a fox fits into your head... I don't think I'll be able too."
[Wed Apr 04 04:23:13 2012] : ** (11) Shivani gets up and embraces the fox, enfolding her in sable plumage... it truly is a warm, comforting hug... if you haven't been hugged by an avian, this hug would probably be at least in the top 5 you've ever had **
[Wed Apr 04 04:24:19 2012] : ** (11) Shivani breaks the embrace **
[Wed Apr 04 04:25:08 2012] : (11) Shivani: "Now, if you'll excuse us, me and my plaisant shall retire"
[Wed Apr 04 04:27:19 2012] : ** (27) YanWoo would then rise out of Nightmare, like a soul being released in a joyous jump, as she raised a fist to the air in triumph. "Yay!" would cheer, as indeed, it was the best hug received as she also said, "Thanks Nightmare for the hitch hike, and thanks Shivani for the hug." **
[Wed Apr 04 04:28:36 2012] : ** (29) Nightmare gacks gently. "Ahh...huh where did I go just now?" **
[Wed Apr 04 04:30:57 2012] : ** (5) Rayne Kitty wanders off to bed with shivani, falling asleep in her heavenly plummage in just a few minutes and sleeping the night away :3 **
[Wed Apr 04 04:34:44 2012] : (27) YanWoo: "Sorry about that Nightmare, I mean to just hitch a ride.. but ended up being the driver."
[Wed Apr 04 04:35:53 2012] : (29) Nightmare: "Oh it's alright, just goes to show to keep my ptoection from evil up, and that I never wanto to do that again.../" She firmly syayes and she finally sits down.